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Why Compost?
A person scooping compost with hands.

Did you know that your lawn may need more than just water, sun and fertilizer? Compost is also important. In fact, it may be just what the doctor ordered for your lawns recovery and sustainability.

What is Compost?

Compost ensures your lawn and garden get the organic matter it needs to stay healthy. Compost involves a collection of decomposed materials, like leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps. Insects and other tiny microorganisms works to further beak this decomposed mixture down, resulting in a nutrient-rich compost for your soil.

Whether you are adding it in a spring flower bed before seeding or using it as mulch around your trees and shrubs, compost can bring the following benefits to your landscape:

  • restores life to the soil
  • helps loosen heavy clay soil
  • helps plant roots to flourish
  • allows sandy soil to hold moisture

DIY Compost

Some people prefer to compost on their own. To be an effective composter, however, you’ll likely need a special composting bin. Creating your own compost is much more than just gathering scraps and debris. You need to make sure your raw compost contains organic matter, moisture (from rain or watering) and oxygen (from turning it occasionally). As long as herbicides and pesticides were not applied, the following items can be safely composted from your own backyard and home:

  • Fruit and vegetable rinds, seeds and rotten produce
  • Coffee grounds and paper filters
  • Egg shells and cardboard egg cartons
  • Dryer lint
  • Tea bags
  • Pet fur
  • Bird and small animal waste
  • Dead houseplants and flower arrangements
  • Stale chips, old pasta, bread and oatmeal
  • Cardboard

If you don’t have the time to create and tend to your own compost pile, there is easy and quick access to top quality compost at GLM Landscape Supply. Call today for pickup or delivery in North Atlanta area.

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