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Top 3 Reasons to Use Compost

Top 3 Reasons to Use Compost

hands full of heart shaped soil

A beautiful, thriving garden starts with the health of the soil. In Alpharetta, where landscapes vary from residential gardens to expansive parks, the secret to lush, vibrant greenery often lies in the soil amendment you choose. At GLM Landscape Supply, we believe in the transformative power of compost. Here are the top three reasons why… Continue reading

Enhancing Your Landscape with a Dry Creek Bed: The Beauty of Rocks

a landscape shot of a dry creek bed

Creating a dry creek bed in your landscape is not only a practical solution to drainage problems but also a spectacular way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. At GLM Landscape Supply, we understand the importance of selecting the right materials for your landscaping projects. A mix of crushed granite, sand, river rock,… Continue reading

Flourishing Flowers: Why Specialized Soil Mix Makes a Difference

close up of man hands holding soil

In Alpharetta, the key to a vibrant and thriving flower garden often lies beneath the surface – in the soil you use. While ordinary topsoil might seem like a one-size-fits-all solution, it may not always provide the best environment for your flowers. At GLM Landscape Supply, we understand the unique needs of flowering plants, which… Continue reading

Rock Your Landscape: The Benefits of River Rock Pathways

river rock stand out for its natura beauty

At GLM Landscape Supply in Alpharetta, we recognize the importance of selecting the perfect materials to enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape. One of the standout choices for garden pathways is river rock, a material known for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we will highlight the advantages of using river… Continue reading

Sand in Landscaping: The Unsung Hero of Garden Design

sandstone walls and stones in a flowerbed in a terraced terrain with stairs

Landscaping is an art, and every artist knows the importance of using the right materials. While plants, trees, and flowers often steal the spotlight in garden designs, one element remains quietly foundational: sand. At GLM Landscape Supply in Woodstock, we understand the surprising role that sand can play in crafting exquisite landscapes. We invite you… Continue reading

Do My Flowers Need a Special Soil Mix?

yellow flowers in garden

Flowers, like all living organisms, require specific conditions to flourish. From sunlight to water, and particularly, the soil they call home, everything plays a part in their overall health and bloom. One question we often hear at GLM Landscape Supply is, “Do my flowers need a special soil mix?” The short answer is – it… Continue reading

Which Georgia Sod Needs the Least Amount of Care?

new artificial meadow roll of turf or turfgrass

Don’t have much time, money or desire for mowing your Georgia lawn? That’s ok. At GLM Landscape, we believe that a stunning, low-maintenance lawn can be the pride of any Georgia property. Choosing the right type of sod can significantly impact the amount of care required to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful year-round.… Continue reading

Creative Uses of Landscape Timbers for Your Outdoor Projects

rustic freshly planed solid wood bench with beautiful texture standing against the brick wall

At GLM Landscape Supply, we believe that landscape timbers are versatile materials that can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor projects. Whether you’re planning to create a garden bed, build a retaining wall, or construct a unique outdoor structure, landscape timbers offer a durable and cost-effective solution. Here are several creative ways… Continue reading

Pet-Friendly Sod: Choosing the Perfect Lawn for Your Furry Friends

gray cat in a sunny blooming garden

As pet owners, we understand that our four-legged companions are part of the family. When it comes to landscaping our outdoor spaces, it’s essential to consider the needs of our pets. At GLM Landscape Supply, we proudly supply some of the best types of sod for pet owners. Here are some key factors to consider… Continue reading

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