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Top Picks in Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Top Picks in Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Have you considered adding rocks to your landscape? Decorative rocks are a creative way to make your outdoor space stand out above the rest. Finding the right rocks for your yard, however, isn’t always easy. Here are some of the most common decorative rocks used in landscaping to help you make your selection: Pea Gravel… Continue reading

Beware of These Mulching Shortcuts

soil mixes

Although it can be a dreaded task for many homeowners, laying mulch in your landscape can add aesthetic benefits as well as functional advantages. While there are many types of organic mulch to choose from, they are all designed to keep your yard looking tidy while also helping your soil retain valued moisture for your… Continue reading

What to Consider When Planting Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Bright colored blooms indicate the season of spring. However, just because your flowers may bloom in spring, doesn’t mean that is when you should plant them. Depending on the type of flower, they can be planted in the fall, early spring or after the final frost. Treating all spring flowers the same can be a… Continue reading

Is Gravel the Right Choice for Your Landscaping Project?

pea gravel

Landscaping your garden can include more than just flowers, plants, grass and trees. Natural stone can also make a great addition to your yard and diversify your landscape design. While natural stone can certainly be used as pavers to lay a patio or stacked as large rocks to form a retaining wall, you can also… Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Zoysia Sod

Home With Beautiful Yard

Does your property need fresh sod? You’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Zoysia, however, is considered one of the most preferred grass types for Southern lawns. This warm-season turf, which has been used in the United States for over 125 years, is known for its thick carpet-like texture and seamless appearance. In fact,… Continue reading

The Benefits of Masonry Sand

Masonry Sand 2

Sand can be used in a variety of ways throughout your landscape. However, knowing which type of sand is best for your needs is important. Whether you own a large golf course or a small backyard, mason sand is one of the most preferred types of sand for lawns. Masonry sand is often obtained from… Continue reading

3 Reasons to Use Compost in Your Landscape


What if you could repurpose your household waste and improve your lawn at the same time? Composting is an ideal solution for many. Similar to mulch or fertilizers, compost can be applied to your garden or the base of your plants. This unique mixture of yard waste, food and other biodegradable items can nourish your… Continue reading

Why Choose Screened Topsoil?


Whether you are starting a new garden or trying to revitalize a damaged lawn, a fresh layer of topsoil is crucial to your landscaping goals. Topsoil is the top-most layer of nutrient-rich soil, and it is considered a foundational component for growth. Did you know that nearly 100% of the world’s food is grown in… Continue reading

Should I Lay My Sod Myself?

sod instalation photo

Many homeowners like to take on a project themselves rather than hiring a professional when it comes to their yards. There’s something about digging in the dirt, mowing the lawn and making sure everything looks just so that is very soothing and enjoyable to many folks. But it is also necessary to set some priorities… Continue reading

River Rock Adds More Than Beauty to Your Landscape

GLM logo

River rock is one of the most versatile landscape materials you can find to bring beauty, function and enhancement to your landscape features. Having a variety of river rock to choose from only adds to the options. River Rock Builds Beautiful Boundaries Create beautiful walkways through your gardens and yard with river rock. Many people… Continue reading

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