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5 Steps to Successful Spring Flowers

Flowers are a universal symbol of spring. How will the flowers look in your own yard this spring? To ensure your flower beds are planted with the best chance of success in our rather temperamental Georgia climate, we have a few suggestions. GLM Landscape recommends the following to avoid flowers that are late to bloom, never grow or die too quickly.

#1 Prepare a Rich Soil

Just like any other living thing, flowers need good nutrition to grow, and this is most critical during the initial blooming stages. Don’t dismiss the value of your flower bed soil. Make sure it is fully enriched with fresh compost for the best chance of flower bed survival.

#2 Select the Right Flowers

As much as we’d like to, we can’t always choose our landscape flowers based looks. In fact, your favorite flower may not grow well in our climate or in your yard. Do your research on which flowers not only survive in Georgia, but also the ones that require certain amounts of sun or shade.

#3 Mound Your Flower Bed First

Before you start digging holes and arranging your new blooms, it is important to create a visible mound for your flower bed with additional topsoil. This allows the rainwater to properly drain off without drowning your pretty flowers.

#4 Shower Your Flowers with Water and Liquid Fertilizer

The most immediate task you should perform after getting your blooms into the ground is to water them. Now is the perfect time to bathe your flower bed with your both water and a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer.

#5 Mulch Your Flower Bed

Last but not least, you can polish off the appearance of your flower bed with a fresh layer of mulch. For your convenience, mulching options like pine nuggets or bark can offer more than just aesthetic appeal. Mulch protects your flowers from extreme temperature changes as well as helps retain water and establish its root system.

At GLM Landscape, we have all the resources and materials you need to create and maintain a vibrant spring flower bed this year. Check out of affordable prices and expansive varieties on mulch, soil, sod and rock in Woodstock.

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