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Flower Mix
Flower Mix

Flower Mix

Your flower garden is the landscaping project that is usually one you are passionate about looking good. The number one way to make sure your flowers bloom with bright, vibrant color and full blossoms is to use high-quality flower mix soil that treats them right.

Why Do I Need a Special Soil Mix for Flowers?

Your flowers need a unique soil mix to ensure they get the proper nutrients and drainage. Ordinary topsoil may not be the best option for your flower beds, so GLM Landscape Supply has a special flower mix soil that is sure to help you have the vibrant, plentiful flowers you desire.

Our flower mix soil is a blend of screened topsoil, compost and sand, ideal for planting annual flowers. This combination provides nutrition and proper drainage for your flowers.
Topsoil is a component to provide a solid base for our flower mix. Our topsoil is carefully screened to remove debris and inorganic materials that can reduce the amount of nourishing ingredients and hinder root growth.

We add compost to our flower mix to ensure proper nutrition for your flowers. You will never have the bright, vibrant colors you love without good nutrition, proper moisture and oxygen. However, flowers, in particular, need proper drainage to grow. Compost is loaded with macro and micronutrients and organic humus that add water channels and oxygen to the soil. It is also lightweight, which is essential when moving raised flower beds or pots.

We add sand to our flower mix to help provide the drainage your flowers need. The combination of soils works together to provide various outlets for drainage, ensuring healthy growth.

GLM Landscape Supply Delivers Flower Mix Right to Your Home

We will deliver our flower mix soil directly to your home or business with a minimum order of 4 cubic yards. You can receive delivery in three to five business days. Let us know where you want your load placed upon delivery, and we will do our best to meet your request. Your delivery costs are included in your final price, so you know up front what to expect. Our staff can help you determine how much flower mix soil you need for your project, or you can use this formula to decide for yourself.

Product coverage: Cubic yards needed = square footage needed, times the depth desired (inches), divided by 324. One Cubic Yard = 648 sq.ft. at 1/2″ / 325 sq.ft. at 1″ / 162 sq.ft. at 2″ / 108 sq.ft. at 3″ / 81 sq.ft. at 4″.

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