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3 Reasons to Use Compost in Your Landscape

What if you could repurpose your household waste and improve your lawn at the same time? Composting is an ideal solution for many. Similar to mulch or fertilizers, compost can be applied to your garden or the base of your plants. This unique mixture of yard waste, food and other biodegradable items can nourish your landscape while also saving you money and protecting the environment.

The foundation of an ideal compost pile begins with dead branches and leaves. Other yard clippings as well as your kitchen waste or food scraps can then be added. Water and nature will break down this mixture so that your soil can use it best.

Not sure if you want to start using compost in your yard? Consider these three primary benefits:

Improves Soil Structure
Your plants and flowers are only as good as your soil. Ideal soil should be crumbly but also retain moisture. Compost is an easy way to add longevity and fullness to your plants because it adds proteins, regulates its pH balance and helps your soil hold water.

All Natural, Eco-Friendly
Using compost on your soil instead of chemical fertilizer will undoubtedly lessen your overall carbon footprint and reduce toxic emissions in the atmosphere. This all-natural soil supplement contains microscopic bacteria, fungi and earthworms that feed off the waste and providing nutrients for the soil. This interdependent food web is just how nature intends!

Reduces Water Use
When using compost, you may find that you can irrigate your plants and flowers less frequently. Compost contains pores and tiny air pockets that hold onto oxygen, moisture and nutrients. This makes the soil easier to work with and less compacted so that your plant roots can soak up more nutrients and water. Increasing water retention within the root system helps your plants survive longer while also making the soil less likely to erode.

Want to learn more about composting? If you want the benefits of compost without having to create this organic mixture yourself, GLM Landscaping can help. We offer top-quality compost for pick-up or delivery in Alpharetta.

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