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Zorro Zoysia
Zorro Zoysia

Zorro Zoysia

Zorro zoysia sod is the number one sod in the country. It is exceptional for its shade and drought tolerance and long-lasting, shiny, deep green color, with an early green-up and a late life into fall. Zorro is a highly-rated turfgrass with a stellar performance in the tee boxes, roughs and greens, so it’s an easy favorite for golf courses. Zorro is an excellent choice for home and commercial landscaping as well.

This grass is a fine-leafed, dense grass that is disease-resistant and insect-resistant. The Zorro zoysia grass tolerates dry conditions well, and it also thrives in full shade conditions. Because it is a dense grass, it offers excellent coverage in every area.

Features of Zorro Zoysia Sod

The Zorro zoysia is an exceptional grass choice for several reasons:

  • Hot Weather Tolerance: This is an excellent choice for hot weather zones. Zorro holds up to the heat and doesn’t give up easily in hot climates.
  • Sun Requirement: The sun requirement for Zorro zoysia is far less than many types of grass. It can survive with as little as 4 hours of sunlight a day, making it a terrific shade grass.
  • Wear Resistance and Damage Recovery: This grass recovers quickly and has a quick regrowth, improving its resistance to ongoing damage. It remains deep green, soft and shiny throughout the season.
  • Recommended Heights: Zorro zoysia can tolerate a wide range of mowing heights, from as low as ¼” to as high as 3″ tall.

Zorro zoysia sod is an excellent option for any playing grass or sports field grass. It has a healthy recovery time and stands up to wear and tear. Many customers appreciate this fine-blade, deep green and soft grass for their home landscaping needs and professional and civic grass areas.

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