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Top Dressing
Top Dressing

Top Dressing

Top dressing can take your lawn from uneven and full of puddles during wet times and turn it back into a level, top-quality lawn that is lush and green. The quality of the top dressing you use can make all the difference in your summer lawn.

Typically, top dressing is either sand or compost. At GLM Landscape Supply, we have a 50/50 sand/compost blend that can give your lawn exactly what it needs to fill in the low areas and create a gorgeous, green lawn.

A thin layer of compost top dressing is a good choice when your grass needs fertilizing. The compost provides rich nutrients for the lawn, but it is a bit light to be the best for leveling. As a result, compost will settle rather than contribute to a sturdy foundation, and the lawn will become unlevel.

On the other hand, straight sand will help level your lawn and fill in the dips much more securely than compost alone. Sand, however, doesn’t add any nutrition to the soil.

At GLM Landscape Supply, we find that a mix of compost and sand is often the best solution for top dressing. As a result, your lawn will get leveled out and gain needed nutrients simultaneously.

Top Dressing Delivered to Your Home

At GLM Landscape Supply, you can always bring in your truck or trailer, and we’ll gladly load up your top dressing for you. However, if you need more cubic yards than you can haul or prefer the convenience, let us know, and we will deliver your order right to your home or business. There is a minimum of 4 cubic yards for all deliveries.

If you are near the Alpharetta, GA area, stop by and check out our top-quality sod, compost, fill dirt or any of our other landscaping products. We’re located on Highway 9 North in Milton, with quick and easy access to Georgia 400. We’re ready to hear about your latest landscaping project and arrange for the best quality landscape materials at the best price around to be delivered to your home.

Use this handy calculator to determine how many cubic yards of top dressing you need. Then contact GLM Landscape Supply to place your order.

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