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Landscape Timbers and Crossties (Railroad Ties)
Landscape Timbers and Crossties (Railroad Ties)

Landscape timbers and crossties (railroad ties) can bring a restful, rustic look to your landscaping projects. Natural wood offers so much as a landscaping material that many homes and business owners search for the best they can find.

Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 8’.

Crossties for Retaining Walls and Other Landscape Projects

Crossties have long been desired for projects like retaining walls, walkways and more due to their earthy charm. Landscape timbers are better for vegetable garden areas because crossties, or railroad ties, are treated with creosote. They are also beautifully suited for retaining walls, walkways and other non-vegetable garden areas.

Railroad ties have long been a landscaping classic in the US since the railroads began crisscrossing the country. They make terrific steps and borders around your property and are very easy to work with.

Many homeowners love using railroad ties in conjunction with other landscaping materials such as rock or brick, sand or gravel and even concrete. Crossties are the classic element to bring a classic, rustic look with a modern twist by creating unique creations and structures to bring your landscaping to life.

Increasingly, railroad ties are being used in combination with brick, sand, concrete, large rocks or gravel to create modern landscaping designs with both a traditional and contemporary feel.

Landscape Timbers Make Stunning Garden Borders, Walkways and More

Landscape timbers are sturdy, versatile and are easy to work into your design plan. You can’t get much more environmentally friendly than wood, and you’ll love the look of natural splendor.

Landscape timbers are put to their best use for decorative projects. They are non-toxic, and they are naturally insect and moisture repellant. They are excellent for playground areas, sandboxes, deck covers, trellises and benches. The versatility of landscape timbers is only limited by your imagination.

GLM Landscape Supply offers a variety of landscape timber and railroad ties for you to choose from. As always, you can depend on our price point giving you the best deal in town. GLM Landscape Supply has a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to answer all your questions about landscape timbers and crossties, as well as any other of our fine landscape materials. Contact us today for all your landscaping material needs.

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