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TifWay 419 Bermuda
TifWay 419 Bermuda

TifWay 419 Bermuda

TifWay 419 Bermuda sod is the one you need if you have a high sun area and need hearty grass that bounces back quickly from wear. This turfgrass is highly prized for its dense coverage, weed resistance, disease resistance and sun and heat tolerance.

What Makes TifWay 419 Bermuda Sod Special?

TifWay Bermuda 419 is a sun-loving, heat-tolerant and fine-textured turf grass that performs excellently on golf course tees and fairways, sports fields, recreational parks and home and commercial landscapes with little shade. This grass breed will not do well in deeply shaded areas, so you may need to combine varieties to get the best coverage for your lawn.

This is a fast-growing, dark green grass that spreads with runners and rhizomes (above and below ground) to create a thick, dense turf tough enough to hold back most of the weeds and grow all season long. The grass does best when kept between 1″ and 1.5″ long, with regular watering and twice-weekly cutting at the height of the growing season.

TifWay 419 Bermuda sod works well for landscaping around your home and is more affordable than some other blends. The budget-friendly costs of this sod combined with the effective wear-and-tear resistance make it an ideal choice at home if you have a full sun lawn.

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The GLM Landscape Supply experts are happy to assess your needs to get the best sod options for your personal or professional needs. We understand the different characteristics of our sod varieties and can make sure the sod you need is the sod you get. We can even deliver your purchase, saving you a great deal of time and trouble. Contact us today!

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