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TifGrand Bermuda
TifGrand Bermuda

TifGrand Bermuda

TifGrand Bermuda sod is the ultimate in high-quality grass for your yard, business or golf course. This Bermuda grass is strong, beautiful and tolerant to both heat and drought, making it the cream of the crop. Over years of careful breeding, this grass has become fine in texture and has a strong tolerance for shade and heat, combined with superior strength.

TifGrand Bermuda sod is the granddaddy of grasses and is used on some of the most famous fairways across the United States. It grows beautifully throughout the sunbelt of the country and even into the Mid-Atlantic in some cases. It has a finer blade than other Bermuda grasses, giving it beautiful, consistent coverage for any sizeable grassy land. This sod has a list of qualities that show you why it is highly favored among those who use it.

  • No other Bermuda grass tolerates shade better than TifGrand Bermuda sod.
  • You can depend on a hearty, early spring green-up
  • TIFGrand Bermuda tests higher for tolerance, wear and shear strength over all other Bermuda grass varieties.
  • High in disease resistance, so you need fewer chemicals for pest control
  • Overall better turfgrass quality, providing excellent coverage and wear
  • Recovers quickly from wear or drought.

Bermuda Grass is a Warm Weather Grass

Bermuda grass is more heat-tolerant than many grass varieties, but it is also more cold-sensitive than a zoysia blend or a fescue blend. Our team at GLM Landscape Supply is happy to help you determine the best grass for your conditions. We will also deliver it to your property.

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