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TifBlair Centipede
TifBlair Centipede

TifBlair Centipede

TifBlair centipede sod is the sod they call “eco grass,” or even “the lazy man’s sod,” because this blend is so low maintenance, you won’t have to spend all your time taking care of the lawn. Whether you consider this certified centipede sod for your personal property or on a public area like a golf course, you’re sure to appreciate the low maintenance freedom of this sod variety.

There is a reason TifBlair centipede sod is called “eco grass.” This grass is low maintenance and requires so few chemicals that it is called friendly to the environment. You don’t need to keep adding nutrients and fertilizers. The fertility requirements are the lowest of any other lawn, allowing this grass to take root and grow well, even on poor soil. Fertilization is rarely, if ever, needed, and centipede loves a low pH level, so you won’t need the expense and work of adding lime to your soil.

What Are the Benefits of TifBlair Centipede Sod

TifBlair centipede grass is a slow-growing, drought-tolerant blend you can use in the brightest areas of your yard and into a full but still-bright shade. The low-demand sod starts you off with a professionally beautiful lawn that continues to stay green and vibrant through the seasons.

The medium-textured blade is light green in color and is well-suited for your yard, business, private parks, government landscaping like public parks, roadsides and airport landscape. This sod is the perfect marriage of a tough, good-looking turf and an economical solution to your grass problems. Plus, TifBlair centipede sod will green up earlier in the spring and stay greener longer in the fall, extending the beauty of the lawn.

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