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Surge Stone (Pricing may change – call to confirm)
Surge Stone (Pricing may change – call to confirm)

Surge Stone (Pricing may change – call to confirm)

Surge stone can be a critical material for your landscape projects, especially if you have drainage issues or erosion issues. It is often used as a pre-driveway stone, as it will help keep the smaller stones from sinking. In addition, many people use surge stone as a layer under crush and run for driveways.

Surge Stone Can Save You Money

Surge stone is a mix of different sizes and can be as large as a football, so it performs well as a barrier to soil erosion. As a result, more of your soil stays on your banks, and the land doesn’t wash away as run-off. Surge stone is also excellent for drainage in wet areas.

When you put down surge stone before your crush and run driveway, it helps to hold the smaller stones up and maintain the elevation of your driveway longer.

How Much Surge Stone Do You Need?

To calculate how much surge stone you need, multiply the length of your project by the width, and then divide by the square feet of thickness you want. We sell by the cubic yard, with a minimum of 4 cubic yards per delivery order. See some example numbers of cubic yards below.

One Cubic Yard = 648 sq. ft. at 1/2″ / 325 sq. ft. at 1″ / 162 sq. ft. @ 2″ 108 sq. ft. @ 3″ / 81 sq. ft. @ 4″

GLM Landscape Supply Will Deliver Your Surge Stone

Call GLM Landscape Supply to order your surge stone, and we can deliver it right to your home or business in 3-5 business days. Let us know your preferred delivery day, and we will do our best. If you tell us where you would like the load placed, we will make every effort to do so, while bearing in mind that we enter at the property owner’s risk regarding obstacles such as crossing curbs, septic tanks, driveways, lawns, drain, phone and gas lines. We deliver natural products, so there will be some variation in size, color, texture and consistency.

Contact us online or call us today at (770) 664-8200, and place your order for surge stone delivered to your Atlanta home or business today.

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