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GLM Landscape Supply delivers fresh, green sod to Roswell with a single phone call. We proudly offer seven high-quality sod blends and river rock, mulch, soil and other landscaping materials for all your home and commercial projects. We will deliver your fresh sod order to Roswell for your convenience.

GLM Landscape Supply is located about ten miles northeast of Roswell. With seven of the most popular and compatible fresh sod varieties, we have what you need for the particulars of your soil. We will deliver your sod directly to your home or business. With fresh home delivery, you can begin installing your new lawn on top of your prepared soil as soon as we arrive. This quick action will help your new sod quickly take root and thrive, giving you a full, luxurious lawn quickly.

How Much Sod Do You Need to be Delivered to Roswell?

Our experienced crew can help you determine how many pallets you need to cover your property. All we need is a rough sketch of the property and the measured dimensions. We take that information and quickly determine what you need to complete your order.

Call (770) 664-8200 For Sod Delivery to Roswell

The most critical decision for an impressive lawn is the type of sod you use. Grass type is based on the soil type, the amount of sun and shade the grass will receive and the overall use of the grass. The next important step is to make sure your soil is prepared. Sod is a living organism. It must be installed on the soil immediately for the best results. You can count on GLM Landscape Supply to deliver on time and with the highest-quality fresh sod in the area.

We have the following seven types of premier sod available for delivery to Roswell.

  • Meyer Zoysia
  • Rebel Supreme Fescue
  • TifBlair Centipede
  • TifGrand Bermuda
  • TifWay 419 Bermuda
  • Zorro Zoysia

Get your fresh sod delivered to Roswell with a single phone call. You can order by contacting us online or calling (770) 664-8200, or you can find out more about each variety here. You’re about to have the best-looking lawn in Roswell with a fresh delivery brought right to your home or business.

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