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Red Oak Mulch
G.L.M. Red Oak Mulch

G.L.M. Red Oak Mulch

GLM Landscape Supply knows you love red oak mulch for your flower beds and other mulching needs. The stringy texture of the shredded mulch is lightweight, so it is easy to apply around your plants and trees. Flower beds use the nutrients they absorb from red oak, as it decomposes and forms compost, increasing its ability to hold moisture. Red oak mulch prevents weeds and helps fight against soil runoff.

Red Oak Mulch Is Economical and Effective

When considering how much mulch you need, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Red oak mulch is effective when applied at a depth of 2″- 3″
  • Red oak mulch compresses tightly, making it less likely to wash away when used in wet areas
  • Red oak mulch does deteriorate, so you will need to reapply periodically

GLM Landscape Supply Delivers Red Oak Mulch Throughout Atlanta

All our products, including red oak mulch, are sold by the cubic yard. The minimum for delivery is 4 cubic yards. Each truck has a maximum load of 20 cubic yards. The final price you receive includes delivery in 3-5 business days.

You’ll see a notes/special instructions area when you check out. Use this to tell us where you want your load placed and preferred delivery date. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your delivery time, but we value your business and will make every effort to meet your wishes.

GLM Landscape Supply has everything you need for your landscaping projects. We offer various types of mulch and sod for your home and commercial needs. We also have river rock, pine straw and a variety of soil products. You can depend on our team to help you select the best products for your project and soil conditions. With our delivery services and on-site pickup, you can stop dreaming about landscaping and start making it your reality today. Contact us online or call us at (770) 664-8200 today, and get ready to enjoy your yard. You will love our products, service and prices, which are the lowest in the area.

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