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Red (Dyed) Hardwood Mulch
Red (Dyed) Hardwood Mulch

Red (Dyed) Hardwood Mulch

Red (dyed) hardwood mulch is a perfect finishing touch to the planted areas of your lawn and landscaping projects. It is a high-contrast colored mulch that will add definition and a polished look to your planted areas while complementing the lush green of your lawn and plants.

Why Use Red Hardwood Mulch?

Hardwood mulch can add many things to your plants’ soil, which helps the plants thrive. Because the mulch deteriorates, it releases nutrition into the ground. The roots of your trees and plants absorb these nutrients as well as the moisture the mulch retains. The roots will grow strong and healthy, making the entire plant stronger. The decomposing mulch also attracts earthworms, which add even more organic matter to the soil.

Many people love using shredded hardwood mulch on sloped gardens and planted areas because it stays in place better than mulch nuggets or other materials. Red hardwood mulch adds a distinctive color to your yard, providing an ideal contrasting, but complementing, color to the landscaping.

Red hardwood mulch can also be used to create stunning walkways through your gardens and lawn. Once the mulch has absorbed some moisture, it packs down well in walkway areas. It also creates beautiful borders.

Red hardwood mulch can be applied to a depth of your preference, from as little as ½” to as deep as 4″. The dark red hue adds visual highlights without needing a large amount of mulch, but the deeper the hardwood is applied, the more heat protection and moisture prevention it will provide. It is advised not to use more than 4″, as the weight can compact the mulch and actually lead to an over wet soil that can lead to root rot.

Red Hardwood Mulch Delivery Across the Area

GLM Landscape Supply sells our hardwood mulch by the cubic yard. We can deliver your mulch right to your home or business. Let us know where you want it, and we will do our best to accommodate that, barring any access issues. You can expect your red hardwood mulch delivery in 3-5 business days after you place your order.
If you need a smaller amount of red hardwood mulch, stop in at our Milton Landscape Materials Center, located at 13975 Hwy. 9 North, at the edge of Milton, GA. We will be happy to load your order into your vehicle for you.

Contact us online or call GLM Landscape Supply today at (770) 664-8200, and order your red hardwood mulch. You will love our products and prices.

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