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Rebel Supreme Fescue
Rebel Supreme Fescue

Rebel Supreme Fescue

Rebel Supreme fescue is a blend of three popular Rebel blends – Rebel II, Rebel Jr. and Rebel 3D. These three turf-tough varieties are each proven to perform individually, and the triple threat is hard to beat. The Rebel Supreme fescue was created to meet the challenging demands of a southern lawn. The extensive, deep root system of the Rebel Supreme fescue allows it to withstand drought in a whole new way.

This fescue blend is popular for its ability to improve the resilience and durability of your lawn because it can adapt to a range of climates, tolerating both cold and heat along with drought and shade. Rebel Supreme is more heat tolerant than other fescues, but it requires intermediate maintenance in the summer heat, including adequate moisture, like all grasses.

Why the Blend in Rebel Supreme Fescue Makes a Difference

The average lawn has multiple different mini environments within itself. Some areas have full sun, while others are almost complete shade. There may be dry slopes but also low-lying depressions that hold moisture longer. In addition, there may be areas where rapid runoff causes erosion.

Rebel Supreme fescue was created to handle these variations well and deliver a full, healthy lawn suitable for home and commercial use and enjoyment. The combination of seeds in this blend ensures that if one type doesn’t fare well in a particular part of your lawn, another will, so you get excellent coverage everywhere.

Rebel Supreme Fescue Has It All

Rebel Supreme fescue has the density, coverage and durability for commercial areas such as golf courses and ballparks. Rebel Supreme fescue is a lower growth seed than original tall fescues, which suits these turfs well. The consistent dark green color lasts all year round, providing an aesthetically pleasing grass, even to the most discerning eye.

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