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Pine Bark Nuggets (Mini)
Pine Bark Nuggets (Mini)

Pine Bark Nuggets (Mini)

Pine bark nuggets are a great way to mulch around your plants and trees. The nugget-style mulch is made from the bark of large pine trees and is excellent for retaining moisture in the soil around your plants. Pine bark is also effective at protecting plants from weed growth.

How are Pine Bark Nuggets Made?

We get our pine bark nugget mulch from various vendors, ensuring we can shop around for the best product at the best price. The pine bark is stripped from the trees and then thoroughly washed to remove insects, parasites and sap. After the bark is sliced, it is dried to remove the excess moisture. The mulch is then safe to transport and use for all your landscaping projects.

Because it is organic, pine bark nuggets will decompose over time, although not as quickly as shredded pine mulch products. As the pine bark decomposes, it will add organic matter to the soil, which increases the nutritional value of the soil. Pine mulch has a low alkaline pH, so it may improve the health of the earth. The bark nuggets will protect the soil from extreme temperatures and retain moisture to help nourish the roots of the plants and trees it surrounds.

When you use mini pine bark nuggets, it is best to apply them to a depth of 3 or 4 inches. This depth is enough to keep the weeds from breaking through. It will also allow aeration of the soil and evaporation of excess moisture. When pine bark nuggets are placed deeper than 4″, it prevents these two processes needed for healthy plants and trees. The heaviness of the mulch becomes enough to compact the bark and trap that extra moisture.

Pine bark nuggets are available in two sizes, mini and jumbo. The decision to use one size over the other is a preference. You can ask our friendly staff any questions you may have before you order.

Pine Bark Nuggets (Mini) Delivered

GLM Landscape Supply is happy to deliver your pine bark nuggets (mini) throughout the Atlanta area. We have a minimum order (for delivery) of 4 cubic yards with a maximum load of 20 cubic yards. We deliver within 3-5 business days from when you place your order. You can order your pine bark nuggets (mini) by contacting us online or calling (770) 664-8200 today.

We look forward to filling your pine bark nugget needs for your home or commercial project. You can learn more about our other landscaping materials here.

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