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Meyer Zoysia
Meyer Zoysia

Meyer Zoysia

Meyer zoysia sod is a favorite for its hardy ability to grow and spread evenly in tough conditions. It tolerates high foot traffic and hot weather. It produces a lush, dark green lawn that is desired by many here in the Southeastern part of the country. The dense mat of this fresh sod makes it effective at keeping the weeds out of sight.

We recommend you keep your zoysia grass at a low height – ideally about 1″, especially in the spring. Allowing it to grow much taller can cause mowing difficulties due to the dense structure of the grass. Because it is such thick grass, the coverage is ideal, even at the recommended 1″ length.

The Meyer strain of the zoysia sod is our local recommended variety because it spreads faster than other zoysia seed. It has a medium leaf texture, good cold tolerance and spreads more rapidly than most other zoysia blends. The Meyer zoysia, also known as Z-52, is the sod often advertised as the “super” grass in newspapers and magazines.

Meyer Zoysia Sod Provides Color, Cover and Cold-Tolerance

At 4-5 mm in width, Meyer zoysia is a medium-blade grass with a deep green color. The blend is often the preferred choice for golf courses because it stands up to the traffic and looks terrific all season long. People have been using this blend in the southern part of the US for over 60 years. It is a true favorite based on the color, density and range of weather tolerance.

Meyer zoysia sod is a cold-tolerant grass and will go dormant with the first frost. It is also more shade tolerant than other grasses. Meyer zoysia works well in the transitional weather zone with hot, humid summers while winter cools things down too much for Bermuda grass.

Meyer Zoysia Sod Gives You the Grass of Your Dreams

Contact GLM Landscape Supply online today or call us at (770) 664-8200 to check current prices, and place your order for Meyer zoysia sod. This blend is one of our premier varieties of sod at a great price.

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