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The best landscape supplies can be delivered to your doorstep with a call to GLM Landscape Supply. We have premium sod, soil, mulch, sand, stone and other materials for your landscaping projects, and we offer convenient delivery service. For those who need Marietta, GA, landscape supply materials delivered, you can trust our team to ensure you get the supplies you need.

Fresh Sod Delivery

When it is time to add new sod to your lawn, make it simple with our delivery service. We have quality fresh sod that can be brought to your home or business in Marietta. Whether you prefer Bermuda, zoysia, centipede or fescue, we have the best options in Georgia sod that can create a gorgeous lawn for your property. We also can deliver topsoil to prepare your lawn for your new sod and have our own sod blend that is perfect for nurturing a strong root system for your lawn.

Soil and Sand Delivered

Soil and sand are elemental to many landscaping projects. When you are planting a new garden or building a patio, you may need a large supply of topsoil or sand. We have a wide variety of soil and sand options that we can deliver in bulk to your property in Marietta. Our soil and sand options include:

  • River and masonry sand
  • Top dressing sand and compost mix
  • Flower mix
  • Sod blend
  • Compost
  • Filtered and unfiltered topsoil

We offer loads of soil and sand between four and ten cubic yards per truck. Just contact our office and we can help you determine how much soil or sand you will need for your project.

Rock, Stone and Timbers

Are you building a retaining wall or a raised garden? If you need natural stone, rock or landscape timbers, come see us at GLM Landscape Supply. We have a wide selection of materials to build patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, gardens and more. We can deliver river rock, flagstone, pavers, deco pebbles, crushed granite and much more to your property Marietta.

When you need landscape supply materials delivered to Marietta, GA, contact us at GLM Landscape Supply to schedule your next landscape supply delivery.

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