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A gorgeous lawn, flower beds and other landscaped areas can add beauty and value to your property. To obtain a beautiful outdoor area, you need quality supplies to complete your landscaping projects. If you are looking for Kennesaw, GA, landscape supply materials delivered, you can trust our team at GLM Landscape Supply. We deliver bulk sand, sod, mulch, landscape timbers, rock, soil and more throughout the greater Atlanta and Alpharetta area.

Sand, Soil and Compost Delivery

Your soil is the basic element to all your landscaping. Georgia soil tends to be nutrient-stripped from centuries of poor conditions. Topsoil can add nutrients to your lawn, garden and landscape beds, as well as leveling for hardscapes and construction projects. We have filtered topsoil, compost, garden/flower mix, sod blends and much more for adding soil to your yard. You can also have quality sand delivered or river or masonry sand delivered in bulk, as well as top dressing for your lawn.

Mulch and Rock Delivered

Mulch protects your soil and provides weed and erosion control. When you need a large quantity of mulch, we can deliver a load to your home or business in Kennesaw. We offer organic mulch options like cypress, red oak, hardwood and pine bark. You can also use inorganic mulch for lasting results – we can deliver pea gravel or deco pebbles for mulching.

On top of our rock mulch, we also carry a wide selection of natural stone. River rock in all sizes and colors is available, as well as flagstone and tumbled cobbles. If you need gravel or crushed granite, we have various sizes of granite, from dust to surge stone.

Sod Delivery

Is it time to replace your lawn or are your installing a new lawn at your construction site? Sod is the fastest option for creating a gorgeous lawn. Our landscape center carries premium fresh sod, and we can deliver sod that has been freshly harvested to your property in Kennesaw. Our sod options include zoysia and Bermuda grass, and centipede or fescue varieties.

When you need landscape supply materials delivered to Kennesaw, GA, contact our team at GLM Landscape Supply. We offer excellent service and affordable pricing for your landscape supply needs.

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