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Pine Bark Nuggets (Jumbo)
G.L.M. Pine Bark Nuggets (Jumbo)

G.L.M. Pine Bark Nuggets (Jumbo)

Pine bark nuggets are made directly from the bark of large pine trees. It is a beautiful way to enhance all your landscaping highlights, such as trees and flowers. Pine bark adds an entirely natural look to your yard or field.

What are Pine Bark Nuggets?

We have vendors who provide our pine bark nuggets from their sustainable forests. The bark is stripped from the wood, and then washed to remove the sap. The bark is then sliced and dried to bring it to a state of usable mulch. The drying process also removes any pathogens that may be in or on the bark, so you can safely use it for your home and commercial products.

As the pine bark decomposes, it will add nutrients to the soil. It may even lower the pH value of the soil by raising the acidity. The bark protects the soil from extreme heat and retains moisture to help nourish the roots. Pine bark will also keep the weeds from growing.

Pine bark should be used at a depth of 3″ to 4″ deep. This application will keep the weeds under control. If you apply pine bark nuggets at a greater depth, the soil will likely become too wet, as the moisture cannot evaporate. This lack of aeration and excess moisture can lead to root rot.

Pine Bark Nuggets (Jumbo) Delivered

GLM Landscape Supply will deliver your pine bark nuggets (jumbo) throughout the Atlanta area. Our minimum weight for delivery is 4 cubic yards, with a maximum of 20 cubic yards per load. You can expect your mulch within 3-5 business days after ordering. Contact GLM Landscape Supply or call us at (770) 664-8200 today to order your pine bark nuggets (jumbo).

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