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Crush & Run (Pricing may change – call to confirm)
Crush & Run (Pricing may change – call to confirm)

Crush & Run (Pricing may change – call to confirm)

Crush and run is made of pulverized stone and stone dust. The stones are machine crushed into irregular pieces with jagged edges. The dust fills in the empty spaces and helps the granite bind together. This process allows crush and run to be compacted, so it holds together. At this point, it becomes a semi-solid unit, and it won’t move or even shift.

GLM Landscape Supply Delivers Crush and Run in Atlanta

Crush and run is popular for driveways because it is low maintenance, durable and long-lasting. Crush and run is also an excellent base or sub-base material, backfilling around lines and wires or masonry work, such as pavers.

We sell all our products by cubic yard. With a minimum purchase of 4 cubic yards, we will deliver your crush and run order anywhere in the Atlanta area. You can order by calling 770-664-8200 to let us know what, when and where. Your stone will be delivered in 3-5 business days. We can’t guarantee an arrival time, but we will make every effort to meet your request. Just tell us where you want the load dropped in your yard, and we will do that also. Keep in mind, please, that we enter the property at the owner’s risk regarding crossing curbs, septic tanks, driveways, lawns, drain, phone and gas lines.

Our Friendly Staff is Here to Help Arrange Your Delivery

To calculate how much crush and run you need for your project, we use this formula: multiply the square footage by the depth in inches – then divide by 324. This number is the total cubic yards you need. Then, give us a call, and we’ll get your order out as quickly as possible.

GLM Landscape Supply carries a wide range of sod and landscape materials for all your landscape needs. From sod and mulch to soil, rocks and stone, we have what you need. You can always count on high-quality products and the best prices around. Contact us online or call GLM Landscape Supply today at (770) 664-8200.

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