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Brown (Dyed) Hardwood Mulch
Brown (Dyed) Hardwood Mulch

Brown (Dyed) Hardwood Mulch

Brown (dyed) hardwood mulch is a perfect addition to the planted areas of your lawn and landscaping projects. It is a low-contrast colored mulch that will add definition and a finished look to your planted areas without being a distraction from your trees and flowers.

Why Use Brown Hardwood Mulch?

Hardwood mulch decomposes into the soil, which provides nutrition and moisture to the ground and the roots of your plants and trees. Root development increases with this supplemental nutrition and benefits from the earthworms and other crawling creatures that increase the amount of organic residue left in the soil.

Shredded mulch can be used to surround your trees and flower beds as well as other landscaping pieces. It will stay in place on slopes better than other materials during wind and rain. Hardwood mulch can be used to create walkways and borders.

Because hardwood mulch is made from branches and bark, it is subject to deterioration as it supplies nutrition to the ground. Mulch can be spread to a depth of your preference, from ½” to 4″. Because brown hardwood mulch is earth-toned, the result is an understated beauty without worrying about color contrast or clash with any plants or features.

Brown Hardwood Mulch Delivery Across the Area

GLM Landscape Supply sells brown hardwood mulch by the cubic yard and delivers throughout the area. Our minimum order for delivery is 4 cubic yards, with a maximum of 20 cubic yards per load. The amount of mulch you need varies depending on how many areas you want to cover and the depth you prefer. Mulch delivery will usually take 3-5 business days from the time of order. When you order, just let us know where you want the load delivered, and we take care of the rest.

If you need smaller quantities of mulch, come over to our Milton Landscape Materials Center, located at 13975 Hwy. 9 North, at the edge of Milton, GA. Our crew is happy to load up your brown hardwood mulch for you, saving you the extra work.

Make GLM Landscape Supply your number one sod and landscaping materials supplier. We deliver across the Alpharetta, GA, area. Our staff knows landscaping and sod and what works best for different soil or projects. We can help you choose the most effective choice for your landscaping needs. We will also figure out how much mulch or other product you need from your dimensions and description of your yard.

We’re proud of our products at GLM Landscape Supply, and you will be happy to know we strive to have the lowest prices in the area. We know you will be pleased with the quality and the price of our brown hardwood mulch, our six other varieties of mulch and our sod, soil and other materials. Contact GLM Landscape Supply today or call us at (770) 664-8200 and order your brown hardwood mulch.

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