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Why Choose Screened Topsoil?

Whether you are starting a new garden or trying to revitalize a damaged lawn, a fresh layer of topsoil is crucial to your landscaping goals. Topsoil is the top-most layer of nutrient-rich soil, and it is considered a foundational component for growth. Did you know that nearly 100% of the world’s food is grown in topsoil? Don’t miss the importance of this top layer of soil or dirt.

When selecting topsoil, you’ll find that you can buy two basic types: screened and unscreened. While screened topsoil is more expensive, there are some valued benefits that this type offers. Knowing when to choose screened topsoil can be the difference in a thriving versus struggling landscape.

Determining Your Topsoil Goals

The first and most important step in choosing unscreened vs. screened topsoil is establishing what you’re going to use it for. The type of topsoil you use will determine the price and the success of your landscaping project. If you are interested in filling in some holes, leveling the surface or creating a foundational lawn base, you can typically get by with unscreened topsoil. However, if your goal is enriched garden growth and a vibrant green lawn, you’ll need to consider the extra expense of screened topsoil to foster optimal plant growth.

Reasons to Invest in Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is a finer soil consistency that has been filtered of all the obstacles that would impede optimal growth. Screened topsoil has the valued ability to allow water and nutrients to disperse and penetrate evenly throughout the soil (including the bottom layer). The additional effort to manufacture screened topsoil is what makes this variety a more expensive choice, but one that gives ample return on your investment in terms of your landscape health and appearance.

At GLM Landscape Supply, we proudly offer quality screened topsoil for our customers who want to accomplish the following in their Alpharetta home or business:

  • Gardening
  • Growing a lawn
  • Planting vegetables and fruit trees
  • Planters and flower pots
  • Walkway base

GLM Landscape Supply offers delivery of our screened topsoil throughout the Atlanta area, including north of Alpharetta. Our minimum order for delivery is 4 cubic yards. Contact us online or place your order by calling 770-664-8200.

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