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What to Consider When Planting Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers

Bright colored blooms indicate the season of spring. However, just because your flowers may bloom in spring, doesn’t mean that is when you should plant them. Depending on the type of flower, they can be planted in the fall, early spring or after the final frost. Treating all spring flowers the same can be a big mistake and lead to a dull or lackluster landscape this spring.

Here are some top factors to consider when deciding what spring flowers to get and when to plant them:

Climate and Frost Date: Based on where you live, go ahead and look up your last frost date. This can be done going to the Old Farmer’s Almanac website. The date of your last frost can largely influence the success of your spring planting, especially if you choose flowers that can’t handle the cold air.

Plant Acclimation: Before purchasing a particular flower, make sure to ask whether or not it has already been acclimated to the outdoor environment. If not, you need to spend some extra time acclimating them at home before you put them into your landscape soil.

Soil Temperature: Some flowers prefer warmer soil, while others like it colder. Emerge a soil thermometer four inches into the ground to get an accurate reading on whether or not your particular flower will like its soil. Don’t forget to evaluate both sunny and shady areas.

Flowers to Consider Planting Now

While you may have missed the chance to plant flowers that rely on the cooler soil of early spring, you still have the opportunity to add some eye-catching blooms to your Georgia landscape. Once the threat of frost has confidently passed, you can choose flowers that can handle quickly rising temperatures, including Petunias, Black-Eyed Susans, Hydrangeas and Dahlias.

Still confused on the best timing and soil environment for your spring flowers? Call GLM Landscaping. We offer a full range of soil types and other planting materials to create a beautiful and healthy landscape.

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