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Top Picks in Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Have you considered adding rocks to your landscape? Decorative rocks are a creative way to make your outdoor space stand out above the rest. Finding the right rocks for your yard, however, isn’t always easy. Here are some of the most common decorative rocks used in landscaping to help you make your selection:

Pea Gravel

Do you want your rocks to be functional? If you need decorative rocks that can be used for walking paths, playgrounds or fire pits, you may want to consider pea gravel. Not only is pea gravel small, smooth and shock absorbent, but these stones come in natural, beautiful and polished hues for great aesthetic appeal.

Cedar Bark Stone

If you want rocks that will blend will with your plants, cedar bark stone can be an excellent choice. They may look like bark chips, but these stones offer more permanent benefits. Like mulch, cedar bark stones can help prevent weeds, erosion and moisture loss within your plant and flower beds.

River Rock

For homeowners that want decorative rocks that offer a more clean and finished appearance with easy installment, we suggest white or brown river rock. This rock selection is known for its durability and simplicity, but it can also serve as a ground covering or dry creek bed.

Still not sure which decorative rock is best for your landscaping needs? Call GLM Landscape Supply. We offer an expansive collection of bulk landscape materials, including some of the most popular decorative rock varieties.

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