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The Benefits of Masonry Sand
Masonry Sand 2

Sand can be used in a variety of ways throughout your landscape. However, knowing which type of sand is best for your needs is important. Whether you own a large golf course or a small backyard, mason sand is one of the most preferred types of sand for lawns. Masonry sand is often obtained from river beds and further sifted to remove debris, making it one of the cleanest sand varieties with vast application abilities.

Beyond its purity and softness, mason sand also offers a number of other benefits when used as a landscaping material. It is readily available and less expensive than other sand types, which is ideal for those who use sand often in their landscape, such as a golf course or other large area of grass. Masonry sand also has the unique advantage of being easy to maintain and hypo-allergenic because it does not produce dust – even in the driest season.

Masonry sand is the likely choice of sand in construction, as it can be ideal for leveling grounds or filling in pavements. However, masonry sand also makes an excellent source for topdressing your lawn, especially if it gets a lot of activity. As a topdressing, mason sand can protect roots from extreme heat, preserve lawn grass during winter months, improve drainage and help to level your lawn ground.

At GLM Landscape Supply, we are Alpharetta’s top choice for bulk sand delivery. We offer affordable prices and prompt service. We will even help you calculate the most accurate amount of sand you’ll need for your project. Beyond masonry sand, we also provide river sand and topdressing as well as soil, mulch, rock and sod. Call today to place your order for top quality landscaping materials for your home or business.

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