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Should I Lay My Sod Myself?
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Many homeowners like to take on a project themselves rather than hiring a professional when it comes to their yards. There’s something about digging in the dirt, mowing the lawn and making sure everything looks just so that is very soothing and enjoyable to many folks. But it is also necessary to set some priorities according to time, expense and labor involved. When it comes to sod, what is the best answer? Should you DIY or call the sod guys?

What Does It Take to Install Your Sod?

At GLM Landscape Supply, we are the sod guys. We’re your local source for all your landscaping needs, and we know a thing or two about sod. We can help you determine which sod is the best grass for your particular property, no matter your soil conditions.

Before you decide if you should install your sod, consider these 3 things:

  1. Cost in time – If you’re laying your sod on a weekend warrior schedule, set aside two weekends. One to prep the soil and one to install the sod. You will appreciate giving yourself (and your helpers) plenty of time. Laying sod is a beautiful way to get a lawn, but there is labor involved.
  2. Cost in labor – The prep work can be labor-intensive. For sod to grow properly, the roots need to make contact with the soil. That means you need to remove any existing grass and work up the soil to 4” to 6”. You also need to rake in any fertilizer, peat, lime or compost that your soil needs to be healthy and support the sod with the nourishment it needs to root in and grow. Finally, rocks and debris need to be removed from the soil to give the roots free access.
  3. Cost in expenses – You can certainly hire a crew to lay your sod. They will prep the ground, add any necessary nutrients and install the new sod. When you hire a professional crew with an excellent local reputation, you will probably be delighted with your results. Keep in mind, it may cost a few thousand dollars for labor, depending on the size of your lawn.

The easy decision is where to purchase your sod. Call GLM Landscape Supply today at (770) 664-8200, and we can help you find the perfect sod for your lawn. We will arrange delivery for you, too!

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