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River Rock Adds More Than Beauty to Your Landscape
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River rock is one of the most versatile landscape materials you can find to bring beauty, function and enhancement to your landscape features. Having a variety of river rock to choose from only adds to the options.

River Rock Builds Beautiful Boundaries

Create beautiful walkways through your gardens and yard with river rock. Many people use 3/4” to 1” rock for walkways. The natural aesthetic of the rock creates a casual walking path as it draws a clear boundary between walking space and growing space. To have a clearly defined boundary that doesn’t feel as structured as concrete is a great addition to any relaxing space. These edging boundaries are also very effective along the edges of the property.

River rock is also effective in creating water features such as waterfalls, pools and fountains, and in dry river beds and streams.

Small river rocks, 3/8”, make a playground safer for the children who play on it. With a 2”-3” layer of small river rock in place, impact from a fall will be absorbed and help prevent injury. River rock is a cleaner solution than sand or mulch. In addition, rock doesn’t attract insects like organic material can.

River Rock Can Protect Your Landscape

River rock works as an excellent erosion prevention tool. Heavy rainstorms that are common in Georgia can erode the property through runoff. Placing river rock as a landscaping feature in low-lying areas or wetlands can save the soil and help keep it where it belongs. The stones allow the water to flow through them, rather than just over the top of them. More soil filters right back into the ground rather than running off into the waterways.

Many people prefer to pick out river rock in person rather than through visual media. You’re welcome to come to our center in Milton. We carry seven varieties of river rock and would love to help you choose the best type for your project. GLM Landscape Supply also carries a wide variety of other landscaping materials, and we offer delivery right to your home or business location throughout the Atlanta area.

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