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How to Choose Your Sod
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If you are considering new sod installation, get ready for a dramatic (and instant) lawn makeover. Sod is one of the quickest ways to create an attractive and usable lawn. However, not all sod is created equal, and there are several varieties to choose from. It is important to install the right sod for your particular yard. GLM Landscape Supply is here to help you make your sod choice.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Sod

Your answers to the following questions can help us narrow down which type of sod is best for you:

What type of soil do you have?

Is the condition of your topsoil rich or is it sandy?

What is your climate?

Weather conditions matter for your turf. Do you need a grass that can withstand cooler climates or grow better with high humidity?

What kind of grass appearance do you want?

Some homeowners prefer thin or broad grass blades while others may opt for a short, thick and stubby lawn. Grass varieties can differ in their growth heights, texture and color!

Will your yard get a lot of traffic?

We are referring to foot traffic here. If your grass will be used by kids and pets often, it is very important to consider a more durably sod variety.

What kind of irrigation and shade do you have?

You’ll need to have a full understanding of the shade and sun exposure on your turf throughout the day as well as how far your current irrigation system reaches. The amount of sun and water your grass can withstand will vary with each sod type.

How fast do you need/want your grass to grow?

Some sod varieties grow quicker than others. Do you want a lush lawn right away? Or are you willing to wait and have less mowing maintenance?

At GLM Landscape Supply, we have a keen understanding of the different sod types that grow well in Georgia. Our experts can help you determine which sod variety will be most successful in your specific outdoor space. Call today to learn more about our affordable options for sod delivery near you.

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