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Creating a New Lawn: Sod or Seed?
Lush lawn in front of a residential home.

We all want a lush, green and manicured lawn. An attractive turf can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home or serve as a positive first impression for your business. When it comes to a new lawn, however, you’ve got two main ways of establishing it – seed or sod. While both grass seed and sod installation can lead to a beautiful and sustainable lawn, the initial creation methods can be quite different. At GLM Landscape Supply, our team can help you understand the pros and cons of seed and sod so that you can make the most informed decision about your landscaping investment.

If you like instant satisfaction and immediate results, sod may be the best choice for you. With sod, someone else does the growing for you. You’ll receive your harvested sod as mature grass that is rolled up like a rug. It can immediately be uncurled across your barren yard to reveal an instant blanket of green, soft turf. With any landscaping decision, however, there are some benefits of going with sod as well as advantages of choosing grass seed.

Advantages of Sod

  • Instant results of a finished lawn
  • Quick time to become established (take root)
  • Immediate erosion control
  • Installed anytime during growing season
  • Outcompetes weeds that attempt to invade your lawn

Reasons to Go with Grass Seed

  • Longer establishment and maturation process
  • More labor intensive at the beginning
  • Cheaper upfront cost
  • Wider variety of grass types to choose from
  • Don’t mind waiting for a full, lush lawn

Still not sure if sod is right for you? Let us help you at GLM Landscape Supply. Not only do we offer some of the freshest and highest quality types of sod delivery, but we can guide you in the right direction in terms of whether sod or grass seed may be better for your particular budget and yard space. Regardless of what you choose, we have the knowledge and resources you need to create and maintain a beautiful, eye-catching landscape for your business or home in Alpharetta.

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