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Could a Dry Creek Bed Save Your Soggy Yard?

Does one hard rain render your lawn off-limits for several days? A soggy yard or pools of standing water throughout your landscape could indicate a drainage problem. If water is not properly dispersed or can’t drain easily after a downpour, it can sabotage how you use your outdoor space as well as its health and appearance. Poor drainage can lead to mosquitos, turf disease and even damage to your home’s foundation. At GLM Landscape Supply, we provide the resources you need to solve your drainage issues and save your lawn.

Why Isn’t My Yard Draining Well?

The most common cause of standing water on your lawn is a sloped property or uneven grade. When sloped the wrong way, water can accumulate near your home’s foundation. Not only could you end up with a soggy perimeter around your house, but the structure of your home may also be in danger. A prompt fix is important to avoid costly repairs. Another culprit for a puddled lawn is your soil. When soil is too compacted, it is unable to properly absorb after a rainfall. This can lead to breeding mosquitos and other insects that can sabotage your outdoor fun.

How Dry Creek Beds Prevent Standing Water

Fortunately, a professional landscaper can offer a variety of drainage solutions for your soggy yard. To avoid digging up your yard to install a French Drain or regrading the slope of your entire property, we suggest an easy and highly attractive solution using a dry creek bed.

Dry creek beds are the only drainage solution that can add beauty to your landscape while also serving an important functional purpose of redirecting excess water after a rainfall. GLM Landscape Supply offers a dynamic menu of landscaping rocks, including river rock varieties that are commonly used for dry creek beds. Not only can we help you calculate the quantity of river rock you’ll need for your dry creek bed project, but we can also promise a speedy delivery directly to your home or business throughout the Atlanta area.

Ready to say goodbye to your lawn puddles? Call GLM Landscape Supply to order rocks and get started on your affordable dry creek bed solution.

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