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Beware of These Mulching Shortcuts
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Although it can be a dreaded task for many homeowners, laying mulch in your landscape can add aesthetic benefits as well as functional advantages. While there are many types of organic mulch to choose from, they are all designed to keep your yard looking tidy while also helping your soil retain valued moisture for your plants and flowers. Mulch can also help prevent weeds and pests from invading your plant beds and compromising their growth.

Whether you choose pine bark nuggets or cypress mulch, the importance of this groundcover is clear if you want a healthy and attractive landscape. However, there are some right and wrong ways to mulch. In fact, these common “mulching shortcuts” tend to end up as mulching mistakes.

#1 Over Mulching

Ordering and installing the correct amount of mulch is critical if you want to reap its benefits. More is not always better. In fact, too much mulch can weigh down your plants and bury your root system. Plants and flowers can suffocate from the oxygen deprivation. Aim for a 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch in your landscape!

#2 Creating Volcanoes

It is common for homeowners to want to build up the mulch around their trees, creating a “volcano” effect. Shaping the mulch in a pile around your tree trunks can suffocate its roots as well as invite burrowing pests. Always taper your mulch so that it is not covering up the base of the trunk where it flares out.

#3 Using Rubber Mulch

It may seem like a good idea to use rubber mulch in your yard. It’s made of recycled tires and can last much longer than traditional organic mulch. Not so fast. By cutting corners and using rubber mulch, you won’t be giving your landscape the functional benefits of mulch. In fact, rubber mulch can even be toxic to certain plant varieties.

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