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5 Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Landscaping
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Many homeowners see mulch as a decorative element for their landscape design. There’s no doubt mulch can add an element of beauty and a finished look to your yard. But is that the only purpose mulch serves? Do our trees and bushes benefit from mulch, or is it cosmetic?

The Benefits of Mulch in Your Landscape Design

You can find many different types of mulch materials available. Some are natural, and others are synthetic, so what is best for your yard? Let’s look at five benefits of using natural mulch products to surround your trees and bushes or border your garden beds.

  1. Natural mulch feeds your soil. When you use natural mulch, such as red oak or cypress mulch, you add organic material that will break down, decompose and feed your soil. This rich soil can also attract earthworms and other organic creatures to enrich the soil further.
  2. Natural mulch helps soil (and plants) retain moisture. As the mulch breaks down, pathways for water and oxygen are naturally created in the soil. The roots of the plant will also extend farther out and be able to reach more moisture. Both things help the plants and trees to stay hydrated and healthy. The mulch also blocks the evaporation of the moisture.
  3. A healthy layer of mulch will protect the soil from damage from the heat. As the soil is kept cooler, it retains its moisture longer, which benefits everything growing there.
  4. Mulch helps hold the soil in place and prevent erosion. It holds off the impact of heavy rains, preventing the soil from run-off.
  5. Natural mulch will hold back the weeds that try to push through the soil. It blocks the sunlight from reaching the weeds and smothers them before they can grow.

These five reasons to use a top-quality natural mulch in your home yard or business landscaping might be enough to cause you to head to the car and find the right mulch now. Of course, your curb appeal will go through the roof when you finish your project. Contact GLM Landscape Supply for more information about our variety of mulch products today at (770) 664-8200.

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