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Big Canoe

Do you need sand to fill in low areas on your lawn or to create concrete for a masonry project? Sand is a useful material for many different landscaping projects, but you want to ensure you buy quality sand from a reliable landscape center. At GLM Landscape Supply, we only carry quality sand product, and we offer convenient pick up or delivery for top dressing, masonry and river sand. If you need Big Canoe, GA, bulk sand delivery, you can trust our crews to deliver the best sand on time and at affordable rates.

Sand is different than soil, as it is not porous and is mostly made from non-organic material. Since it is less porous, it is great as a filler when leveling your yard or to provide stability for paving projects. Sand is also great for play areas, as it does not become muddy – water drains quickly through sand. At GLM Landscape Supply, we offer quality sand for delivery to the greater Atlanta area, including Big Canoe.

Masonry and River Sand Delivery

Quality sand is needed for many landscaping projects. Masonry sand is a premium sand that is even in texture and color, making it the best choice for aesthetic purposes. From stabilizing pavers to quality material for a sandbox, masonry sand offers the finest particles and softest texture.

When you need sand for mixing with garden soil, leveling or mixing with concrete, the aesthetic qualities of masonry sand is not needed. River sand is an all-purpose sand that is perfect for your other sand needs. We filter and clean our river sand, offering delivery of four cubic yards or more throughout the Atlanta area.

Top Dressing Delivery

Sand is an excellent option for top dressing for your lawn. If you have soggy areas or low points, sand can provide leveling and amendment to your top soil. Our top dressing is a mixture of sand and compost, which can give your lawn nutrients and fill for healthier turf.

For Big Canoe, GA, bulk sand delivery, give us a call at GLM Landscape Supply. We have quality sand, sod, soil, rock and other landscape supplies for delivery. Contact us today for a free quote on your sand delivery.

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