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Are you building a retaining wall to accent your landscaping? Does your lawn need a makeover with sod installation? When you are planning a landscaping project at your property in Auburn, GA, landscape supply materials delivered to your location is available through GLM Landscape Supply. We carry premium rock, sand, soil, sod, mulch and more at our center near Auburn in Alpharetta.

Bulk Mulch, Sand and Topsoil Delivery

Soil is the basic element to most landscaping. Whether you have flower beds, vegetable gardens or a lush lawn, quality topsoil, sand and mulch are needed to maintain your landscaping. Our team at GLM Landscape Supply can deliver loads of filtered topsoil, compost or mulch to your home or business in Auburn, as well as varieties of sand. We have pine, hardwood and cypress mulch for your landscaping to protect your soil. You can contact us when you need lawn top dressing, river sand or masonry sand delivered.

Fresh Sod Delivered

Enjoy the benefits of a new lawn with fresh sod. We have premium sod products that are freshly harvested and ready for delivery to your property in Auburn. Our sod includes Meyer zoysia, rebel supreme fescue, Tifblair centipede, Tifgrand Bermuda, Zeon zoysia and other varieties. We can help you choose the right grass for your lawn and conveniently deliver your sod when you are ready for installation.

River Rock and Crushed Granite Delivery

Need river rock, deco pebbles or crushed granite for your next landscape project? You can find the rock and stone products you need at our landscape supply center in Alpharetta. We make it easy to begin your next landscape project with our rock and stone delivery options. When you need flagstone steps, tan river rock, surge stone or crushed granite, contact our staff to get a quote on stone delivery to your home or business in Auburn, GA.

When you need landscape materials delivered to your property in Auburn, GA, contact us at GLM Landscape Supply. We are happy to help you calculate how much bulk sand, soil, mulch or sod you need, then schedule delivery to your property. Call us for a free quote or to schedule landscape supply delivery.

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