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From improving your lawn to fill for paving and other hardscapes, sand is used in many landscaping projects. While you can buy individual bags of sand, this can be expensive, especially if you need a large amount of sand. A more affordable and convenient option is buying bulk sand and having it delivered to your home or business in Acworth, GA. Bulk sand delivery is available through GLM Landscape Supply in Alpharetta.

Masonry and River Sand Delivered

Two of the most commonly used sands for landscaping projects are masonry and river sand. Our masonry and river sand are both made from fine sand that is washed and cleaned to remove any debris. While both can be used for paving projects, sandboxes, fill and much more, masonry sand is more refined and also more expensive. Masonry sand is best used when aesthetics are important, as is often the case for fill between pavers. For other sand uses, river sand is a more cost-effective option when bulk sand is needed. If you are adding it to soil or areas when the cosmetics are not important, river sand is a great choice.

Top Dressing Delivered

Sand is an excellent option to improve your lawn. If you have low spots that cause puddle or mushy areas in your yard, adding top dressing made from sand can level your lawn and improve the density of the soil. Our top dressing at GLM Landscape Supply is mixed with compost at a 50/50 ratio. This gives your lawn the sand it needs to fill in the low areas while adding nutrients to help enhance your lawn. We deliver bulk top dressing to our customers in Acworth and throughout the greater Alpharetta area.

Our bulk sand delivery to Acworth requires a minimum of four cubic yards – our trucks can hold up to 10 cubic yards per load. We can help you determine how many cubic yards you need and deliver quality sand to your property.

Do you need bulk river or masonry sand for a landscaping project, or top dressing to improve your lawn’s appearance? Contact us at GLM Landscape Supply – we offer Acworth, GA, bulk sand delivery at affordable prices.

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