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Palletized River Rock
Palletized River Rock

Palletized River Rock

GLM Landscape Supply offers palletized river rock for your landscaping convenience. While most of our products are delivered in bulk, we also have pallets of river rock to ease the burden for you. When you purchase palletized river rock, you get less mess, ease of transport and the comfort of knowing you are getting an exact amount of material.

Bulk river rock is a great way to get large quantities of stone to your project and is economical. When you order palletized rock, your stones are handpicked and weighed before being packaged. That means each stone is usable for visible areas, with little to no loss due to breakage.

Why Palletized River Rock?

In addition to the avoidance of broken rock found in bulk orders, due to the sheer weight of the loose stones, there are two more reasons customers choose palletized river rock. Easy clean-up and ease of transport are two primary reasons people prefer pallets.

With pallets of river rock, clean-up is cut in half. Your stone has already been sorted and packaged, so most dust and debris are left behind. You’ll spend a lot less time with a broom when you choose palletized river rock.

The other big advantage of pallets of river rock is the ease of movement on-site. When bulk stone is delivered, you need to move it from the drop site to its project placement by hand. With a pallet, all it takes is a forklift or anything that can pick up the pallet and go. This is a huge advantage on a project with multiple areas of river rock.

GLM Delivers Palletized River Rock

You can arrange delivery of your river rock pallets on-site or over the phone. GLM Landscape Supply at 13975 Hwy. 9 North in Milton is open M-F from 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, and Saturdays in the summer months. You can see exactly what you’re purchasing, and arrange delivery while you are here.

If you already know what you want, then pick up the phone and call us at (770) 664-8200 or contact us online. We can deliver in 3-5 business days and make every effort to meet your requested date. Unfortunately, due to our wide variety in order size and delivery location, we cannot guarantee your preferred time, but you have our promise to do our best. Entrance to the property is at the owner’s risk regarding gas and phone lines, septic tanks, curb crossing, driveways, etc. Our minimum delivery order is 4 cubic yards of our top-quality landscape materials.

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